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Updated: Aug 24, 2018

“I read Big Little Steps during Ramadan, a time where I chose to fast to understand what my friends were experiencing and to come a little bit closer to God in my own way. I didn’t fully realize it at the time but I was seeking. It was at this time that my friend and mentor @kirajeanoffical invited me to attend the launch of ‘Big Little Steps’ at Dubai Mall. I saw how much joy @mathildeloujayne, the author, expressed when sharing her story and this sparked something in my soul. I continued to read her words and learned about the rituals of Islam and the lifestyle that she so beautifully articulated. I found myself craving spiritual practice and a more faith-oriented way of living. While I may have always believed, I was not actively practicing my faith and I couldn’t see it in action. I found myself waking up at 4am to hear the call to prayer and I was longing to feel connected. It was at this time that I felt called to start going to church again. My faith called me home and this has started a wonderful journey where I have dived even deeper into my practice, attending church every week and being part of a beautiful community, joining a lovely prayer group with like-minded people of my age and returning to daily prayer and devotional practice of reading and studying my Bible. Furthermore, I have been able to share this journey with my Mum and it has brought us closer than ever with a deeper understanding of one another as we both find our feet on the path. And while my religion and beliefs may be different, ‘Big Little Steps’ ignited that spark in me. I want to thank Mathilde for sharing her faith, because it has helped me to find mine.”

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