Announcing the launch of Soul Sisters' book club!

Salaam sisters!

If you've read the book, you'll know I would love to form a community of like-minded women which I called 'Soul Sisters' - but let's face it, I just can't find the time to keep up!

I'm either busy at work, playing with my toddler or reading a book.. and if I'm not reading a book, then I'm stuck on YouTube looking for recommendations and sharing reviews in my favourite book clubs!

So I thought - why not start Big Little Steps' own Islamic book club - for women?

There's nothing more I would enjoy than sharing the books I love with you all and discuss them openly, together. ‘Soul Sisters’ celebrates a mix of Islamic literature, in both English and French.

Join the Soul Sisters' Book Club in Goodreads and follow along on @ourbiglittlesteps on Instagram and Facebook to learn more - and be part of our Soul Sister community!

And remember, let's keep an open mind, an open heart - and let's chat!

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