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Mathilde Loujayne, the author of the book “Big Little Steps”, was born in France and grew up in Oman. She reverted to Islam in 2002, & what started as an idea of sharing her journey to Islam, with her mother, took the form of a beautiful book to empower women with Islamic values.

This book is for women of all faiths & walks of life who would like to know about Islam, from a woman’s perspective.

It has a feminine appeal starting right from the color of the cover to the beautiful illustrations adorning the interiors of the book. Each page has margins to write our own reflections and gems from the book.

The book is divided into 5 chapters, each covering different topics like pillars of Islam, prayer & fasting, mental health, animal welfare, halal food, Islamic marriage, celebrations in Islam, death, etc. It answers common concerns regarding Muslim women including women’s rights, their role in society, modesty, beauty, fashion, love, marriage etc.

I like the part in the book where the author mentions how she chose her muslim name, & her marriage, Alhamdolillah.

Gems from the book:

  • "Keep in mind God is Forgiving and Merciful- so while we should strive to avoid impermissible acts, we shouldn’t give up or lose hope if we find ourselves slipping once in a while…… God never tires of us asking for His Forgiveness."

  • "Faith is enlightenment, the igniter of love, compassion and forgiveness that runs through my veins, the light that makes me see the world differently and the answer to the question of my purpose in life. My faith also represents comfort for my heart, the healer of my grief and my ‘chicken soup for the soul."

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