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Kai Ibrahim, Leader of the Productive Muslim Academy Book Club and founder of the book review site has reviewed 'Big Little Steps' and said:

"Big Little Steps is a heart-warming journey of an intelligent woman seeking the peace of Allah. Full of practical advice and insightful thoughts, this is one book that every Muslimah should be talking about."

Kai Ibrahim has written a lovely blog on ​'Six Tips for the Productive Revert and How You Can Help'. Here's a short preview:

For many brothers and sisters, being a Muslim revert is not easy. In the early stages, there will be many questions and changes in life. This is certainly beneficial on the long term, but it may create instability in the short one. One thing for sure is that you won’t get far on your own. But who should you turn to? Well, I don’t know all the answers, but being a convert myself, I can tell you that I was once in your shoes. For those reading who are born into a Muslim family, this article is for you as well as it speaks into your role as ambassadors of Islam and productivity! Without purpose and productivity, the walk towards the straight path can be a very lonely one, but there is no reason it should be this way. Let’s get reminded of how to change that together.

Last but not least, Kai Ibrahim is the author of 'Quake Books Muslims' Guide to Reading a Book a Month' which we are currently reviewing in our Soul Sisters Book Club - so what are you waiting for? Join the conversation on Goodreads!

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