Press release: Ramadan book launch – ‘Big Little Steps’

Updated: Aug 24, 2018

  • Author Mathilde, aka Loujayne, covers everything a woman needs to learn when discovering and embracing Islam, through what she herself has experienced

  • UAE-based artist Hatty Pedder has brought to life personal stories through her illustrations

  • Website designed to include tutorial videos on

  • Available for pre-order on; due to launch in UAE bookstores (Kinokuniya and Magrudy) this Ramadan

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 14 May 2018:Big Little Steps: A Woman’s Guide to Finding a Balanced Lifestyle and a Glowing Heart in Islam’ by Mathilde Loujayne will launch in the UAE (Kinokuniya and Magrudy) this Ramadan and is available now for pre-order on Published with support from The Dreamwork Collective, priced at 82AED.

Since her conversion to Islam at the age of 18, Mathilde has crossed paths with women from all walks of life on a common spiritual journey to discover Islam from a feminine perspective. Fuelled by the desire to find the right words for her mother and explain her choice to embrace a new lifestyle, this guide was born. Through Mathilde’s personal experiences – grief, high school, moving abroad, work, marriage and motherhood – she addresses women’s common concerns as they take the big, little steps towards finding a balanced lifestyle and a glowing heart in Islam.

Author Mathilde, aka her Islamic name Loujayne, who is a UAE-based French expat and PR professional, recounts: “This book is an answer to all the people who have asked ‘But why did you convert?’. It’s also my personal advice to girls and women who want to learn about Islam, or who have converted to Islam. My mission is to share what I’ve learned over the years, backed up by beautiful verses from the Quran and narrations of the Prophet Mohammad (Peace be Upon Him). I want to share miracles found in the Quran and how it conveys to us a way of life that can help us heal from within. I take readers through all things related to faith, well-being, community, women and prayer - they are given the tools to become the best version of themselves.”

Kira Jean, CEO of The Dreamwork Collective adds: “This is an intriguing read for any seeker. It is the kind of book you can dip in and out of, take notes in, and think – deeply think – about what it is you’re seeking and why. It shares the stories of many women who have found balance and peace in their lives through Islam – distinctively sharing the story behind the stories that we’re used to hearing of women in Islam. The book has global appeal, and will be sold internationally, resonating with women around the world, both those of the Islamic faith and those curious to know more about it.”

The book is designed as an interactive experience for readers, with margins to mark personal comments and questions, and a glossary of the most commonly used Arabic terms and phrases. Its official website is designed to include tutorial videos for women who wish to learn the steps to Islam’s ritual prayer, called Salah, and more.

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