Soul Sisters' book club - first picks of 2019!

The wait is finally over! The first two picks of 2019 are..

  1. Fighting Hislam: Women, Faith and Sexism by Dr Susan Carland

  2. Quake Books' Muslim Guide to Reading a Book a Month by Kai Ibrahim

Fighting Hislam: women, faith & sexism

Let me start with the author, Dr Susan Carland - she is an Australian Muslim who completed her PhD in 2015. Her research and teaching specialties focus on gender, sociology, terrorism, and Islam in the modern world.

Dr Carland says in her book, "Muslim women are always spoken about and over in the media and never with." So she based her research on interviewing 23 women of different backgrounds and ages in North America and Australia - they are theologians, activists, authors and bloggers. I learnt a lot in this book about the birth of feminism in Egypt, Turkey and Iran as recorded by many historians, it also addresses westernism, colionalism, the difference between fighting sexism and feminism.. these sensitive topics are addressed in a respectful and constructive manner that I appreciated and I think every Muslim woman will, too.

Quake Books' Muslim Guide to Reading a Book a Month

This book landed on my lap at the right time - I hadn't picked up a book in a while, my Kindle was getting dustier by the day and I thought it would help me get back on track - and it did!  You'll enjoy how the narrators pulls you into their world of secret agents and most of all the Islamic reminders and the practical tips on how to be a better reader. It helped me utilize my time more efficiently and productively.

I recommend this book to those who, like me, want to get back into reading!

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