Meeting the ambitious & fierce 'Young European of the Year 2019'

In early March 2019, @yasouir was excited to announce on Instagram that she had been nominated as the ‘Young European of the Year 2019’ by the European Parliament and the Schwarzkopf Foundation.

I met Yasmine a year ago in Grenoble, France after she invited and encouraged my sister-in-law to join her to attend the Yo! Fest - European Youth Event 2018, in which she led a delegation of 20 students as Project Coordinator. We immediately hit it off as she studied in Bordeaux like I did and she was the first to read 'Big Little Steps'. She's been a great supporter of the book every since, and I of hers! Believe it or not, at the time she was already a United Nations' Women Deliver leader.

Yasmine is originally from Italy/Morocco and currently lives in France. She is also an Advocacy Member at United Network of Young Peacebuilders, and is responsible for working toward inclusion and the empowerment of underprivileged young women and advocacy work on youth, peace and security in Europe. As an advocate, Yasmine is proud of publishing an article in the Italian Intelligence Review, where she discusses her dissertation on the role of young women in the peacebuilding process. Not only she speaks 5 languages, but she is passionate about ensuring equitable access to education and economic and political opportunities across race and class.

Upon her nomination, she wrote, "here is our collective win: for young women, for immigrants daughters, for Europe, for Unity in Diversity, for change, tolerance, respect of the other, for PEACE. To all the young people who need hope and positivity to feel part of their society. For social inclusion, for a stronger, united and lasting Europe. My message is one: We are European too, today more than ever."

Unfortunately, the French right wing party attacked her in their opposition of Europe's decision and fight against 'radical Islam' ahead of the EU elections.

Despite receiving messages of hate, threats and insults on social media, she delivered a strong speech as she accepted her nomination in person in April 2019, when she finally spoke out for the first time.

Read the full article in the French newspaper L'Express here and show Yasmine your love and support on her social media channels!

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